If you are planning to buy an alignment machine for your workshop, then you must ensure the following 5 points before choosing the alignment machine.

1. Ensure they are Local Manufacturer

2. Quality of Service & spare support

3. Upgradability

4. Whether they can provide training about the product to your technicians

5. How quick you’ll get ROI

Local Manufacturer

It is very important to ensure the machine brand is local manufacturer to avoid unnecessary problems like

1. On time delivery issue

2. After sales service

3. Spare availability

It is very important to choose a product who is manufactured localy, but I don’t say local manufacturer who compromises quality and performance in their products.

In India there are several garage equipment dealers, but they are not a manufacturer, To achieve all above requirement there is one company called Manatec Electronics Pvt Ltd who manufacture a world class Automotive Garage Equipments in India and distributed to every location India through a proper channel network and also exports to 70+ countries including major countries like USA, Europe, Australia etc.

So, choosing a company is very important to get all the above benefits.

To ensure the product is full fill all your requirement like,

1. Fastest calibration time

2. Quick alignment angle measurement

3. Conventional height adjustment during alignment

4. Less laborious

5. Highest no of alignment

Quality of Product, Service & spare support

It is very important to choosing a product in best-in-class quality standard. The machine should meet a standard quality certification and authorized by various organizations.

The Best Alignment machine should meet all the Quality check before shipping from the Manufacturing unit.

The Best Alignment machine should have a latest 3D imaging Technology.

Instead of using Sensor technology to measure the alignment angles in wheels it has to possess a Target plate for easy use and portability.

Product support encompasses everything that can help maximize the customer’s after-sales satisfaction, which include on call service, warranty, periodic maintenance etc.,

Make sure while choosing the brand which provide all the above services.

After sales service support and spare support is one of the important part, if you are choosing a export brand product means the waiting time for spare availability is high they took so many days to ships your product in the meanwhile it will affect your business directly and indirectly. So local supplier means you can be able to get spare support immediately.


Product upgradability aims to replace only those components that devalue the product over time. Therefore, it enhances product value and avoids whole product replacement, thereby realizing a sustainable society.

For example, if you are choosing a wheel aligner which can align only up to 4 axles vehicle, but after some time you can be able to see there are 5 to 6 axle vehicles also coming for alignment.

At the time it is very difficult to do alignment for those vehicles by using the same machine, your potential is increasing but you can’t be able to achieve the profitability. You don’t have an option to choose another machine.

 In this case if the product is not an upgradable product means it is useless to buy.

Let see one example to choose a best wheel alignment machine which is having an upgradability option, Manatec Jumbo 3D Super 6A is a World’s 1 3D wheel alignment machine which can be able to measure all the 6 axles simultaneously.

It has a various options like Jumbo 3D Super 5A, Jumbo 3D Super 4A, which means number of axles align simultaneously. If you are buying Jumbo 3D 4A at the initial part and later, you can able to upgrade into 6 axle alignment. Which means you need not to buy a new machine, instead of that they provide upgradable option in the software and hardware part to make sure the changes easily.

So, choosing an upgradable product is very necessity to avoid unnecessary expenditure.

Whether they can provide training about the product to your technicians after sale.

It is very important while choosing a brand product while provide a proper knowledge about the product to the technicians who are going to handle the product.

The one who given a product should share proper knowledge about the product to the technicians by providing a in hand training.

Then only the technician can be able to operate the machine without any fear. Which increase the life of the machine also improve the quality of work by the technician.

How quick you’ll get ROI

The prime objective of any business is profit, to achieve the profit we need to get back the invested capital amount first which is directly proportional to ROI.

How quickly to get back your ROI is very important while choosing a product.

Let see a comparison of two-wheel alignment machine with two different technologies.


Choosing the best wheel alignment machine is nothing but choosing latest and innovative 3D technology wheel alignment machine to achieve standard growth in a business.

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