A/C Recycling Equipment

  • LCD Monochrome display
  • Suitable for Cars & LCV cabins
  • Fully Automatic machine (Recovery, Recycling, Vacuum, Leak test & Recharging, Oil drain & integration)
  • Option to perform above functions individually
  • Dedicated gauge for Inlet pressure
  • Filter in recovery line to eliminate humidity & acidity
  • Manual air purge from refrigerant tank (for i Cool 100 / i Cool Pro 100 D models)
  • Electronically controlled Automatic air purge system from refrigerant tank (for i Cool Pro 100 models)
  • Tank pressure digital display (for i Cool Pro 100 models)
  • Spark free Compressor and Vacuum pump (for i Cool Pro 100 models)
  • Automatic Oil injection PAG oil with separate electronic scales
  • Automatic High pressure protection for Compressor
  • Audible indication / alarm
  • Caution & error message / prompt
  • Display of Pressure in “psi” / “bar” / “kPa” & Weight in “kg” / “lbs”
  • Self diagnosis for checking the fitness of the machine
  • Vehicle data base (up to 500 vehicles)
  • Vehicle database with User entry provision
  • Software update through USB interface
  • Vehicle data update through USB interface
  • Shock proof protection for load cells

Additional features for i Cool Pro 100 D / i Cool Pro 100 models

  • Automatic Oil injection POE oils with separate electronic scales
  • Electric / Hybrid vehicles compatibility
  • Hose purge system with separate flush input connectors


AC Recycling Process
LCD Display
HP & LP Gauge


Specification i Cool 100 / i Cool Pro 100 D i Cool Pro 100
Type of refrigerant R134a R1234yf (or) R134a (Pre defined)
Service process Automatic / Manual
Display LCD Monochrome 20x4
Vacuum Pump 4.5 CFM, ½ hp, 128 Lit/Min. (for 230V AC)
5.0 CFM, ¾ hp, 141 Lit/Min. (for 110V AC)
Compressor 9.1 cc (for 230V AC)
11.4 cc (for 110V AC)
12 cc (for 230V AC)
11.4 cc (for 110V AC)
Refrigerant bottle capacity 12 kgs
Power supply 110 / 230V AC, ±10%, 1ö, 60/50Hz, +N +PE
Power 900 W

A/C Recycling Equipment


A/C Recycling Equipment

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